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ages 10 - 16

These artists are ready for a challenge! We’ll learn more advanced techniques with a variety of materials, and experience a little more freedom to express. Mixed Media Masters will be challenged to take their artworks to a higher level with a focus on the elements & principles and how they are used in composition, critical thinking and planning, class discussions, and project reflections. Artists will experiment with drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printmaking and more! Register for the month at a discounted price of only $105, all supplies included! Classes start September 9th!

1.5 Hour Class; Monday's 4:30 - 6p 


Class size is limited to 12 artists, so pre-registration is required at least 24 hours before.


LUCKY YOU! You've been referred by one of our favorite customers! Enjoy a $25 discount on your first month's enrollment! Don't forget to enter the name of the parent/artist who referred you so we can thank them with the same discount :)